Crazy for Crumpton

About a year ago, a friend of mine told me about an amazing furniture auction held in Crumpton, MD.  I then saw Facebook posts from a lot of my favorite vintage dealers with pictures of all their fabulous finds from this auction.  The only hurdle to my going myself to check it out was that the auction, while held weekly, is held on Wednesdays.  I had all but given up hope that I’d ever make it there myself, until this past weekend when Aaron said he would be relatively free on Wednesday of this week. Sounds like an invitation to me! So, yesterday we went on an adventure to Crumpton to check out the auction.  We weren’t spending any money, so this was really just a reconnaissance mission of sorts.  We saw some really cool pieces and the magnitude of all the offerings alone was overwhelming.  Here is a taste of what we saw… imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageOf course, I had to include a photo of the Amish food counter!  We just had to indulge in a hot buttery pretzel and an apple fritter!

It was a great adventure!  One I’m hoping to take over and over again, especially when I have a little extra cash on hand.  I know I come home with a treasure!


About macfishreed

I'm a former country girl living in the suburbs with my four guys. I enjoy re-using, re-inventing and re-imagining just about anything!
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3 Responses to Crazy for Crumpton

  1. The Camp director says:

    love the sofa,toys,big window etc.etc.


  2. melszyd says:

    those baseball bats!!!

    Also my friend’s last name is Crumpton, and he once drove to Crumpton, Maryland, just to get a picture of the sign. 🙂


  3. Nice collection of products. Keep going like this buddy. I also own a auction company in Cornwall, Uk.


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