The Ants Made Me Do It!

The weather has mellowed nicely from the crazy freeze we were experiencing a month ago.  Trees are budding, some even flowering.  I have a handful of grape hyacinths and a couple of daffodils peaking out.  We’re able to spend tons of time on our deck without the mosquitoes that will arrive for summer.  It’s just a really nice time of year –

…with one exception…


They are starting to invade the house.  AND because they are starting to invade the house, I had to make biscotti.

I’ve mentioned recently that I’m really cutting back on bread, pasta, rice and sweets.  This also means (to the chagrin of my guys) that I’ve cut back on cooking some of their favorite cheesy pastas and baking their favorite sweet treats.  But, now we have ants!  AND ants mean I have to secure all the the things that attracts them.

I started by getting the resealable bag of cranberries out of the pantry and placing them in an airtight jar.

imageThe problem was that I had about a cup too many for the jar.  I could have just gotten out another jar, but that would have meant another jar to clean.

I know what you’re thinking.  Weak logic – really intended to excuse my desire to make something I know I shouldn’t. Well, you know what? Ugh!  You’re totally right!

Biscotti is one of those things that seem really difficult, but really isn’t.  I kind of wish I had one of those cool biscotti pans, but it really isn’t necessary.  Here’s before the first bake.

imageHere’s the after.

imageAfter a little slicing, it gets put back in the oven and voila!


Being the good baker that I am, I just had to test them before the guys got home.  I broke out a fabulous white tea that is flavored with some cherry blossoms.  How very French!

imageA little early afternoon tea!

imageNow what am I going to do with all of the rest of this?image


About macfishreed

I'm a former country girl living in the suburbs with my four guys. I enjoy re-using, re-inventing and re-imagining just about anything!
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5 Responses to The Ants Made Me Do It!

  1. Aaron says:

    I love your Biscotti! Headed Home!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Weez says:

    Biscotti looks great…feel free to bake some for me. Also glad to see you are finally drinking that tea! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Camp director says:

    If the boy’s won’t eat them (cannot imagine why they wouldn’t )
    Send them in with Aaron. Place them on his desk with a sign that says “free cookies”. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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