Christmas pillows

Yesterday, I tried to clean my office and ended up making a pillow cover. What?

The office has not been organized since the craft fair.  It’s basically a disaster of partially finished projects,  supplies, paint, fabric, etc.  So, yesterday I decided it was time to deal with the situation.  Truthfully, I really wanted to do some Christmas decorating, but we were waiting on the “cable guy.”  I didn’t want to pull everything out since the guy needed to go to each level of the house to do some work.

I started folding fabric to put away and started thinking about making a simple pillow cover.  It really was just going to be a plain green cover with a few ribbon ties – nothing special.  After sewing a simple square cover and adding some ties, I realized that “nothing special” really meant “boring!”  I couldn’t tolerate boring, so I borrowed some inspiration from the “E”s in my office and added one as an appliqué with some special stitching.

Because I did it so out of order, I never took any photos of the process.  Here is my final product…


I really liked the choice of the zig zag stitch in red.  It wasn’t difficult, by any means, but it looks more interesting than a straight stitch in a matching color thread.


I love how festive these pillows look without being too kitschy!


By the way, the office never did get cleaned!  Maybe tomorrow?


About macfishreed

I'm a former country girl living in the suburbs with my four guys. I enjoy re-using, re-inventing and re-imagining just about anything!
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2 Responses to Christmas pillows

  1. Betty Reynolds says:

    Very nice Lisa. I need to start doing that kind of stuff again.

    Liked by 1 person

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