Back to normal

Since I’ve been substitute teaching several times a week for the past few weeks, I’ve not completed a single project.  All this working for a living is ruining my creativity.  On the days I haven’t subbed, I’ve been trying to keep up with laundry and cleaning.

This week I’ve been helping my husband prep a few projects for the set of the Men’s Retreat he’ll be attending this weekend.


Here’s today’s project – painting letters that will spell out the theme.


I like to send along some treats for the guys, so I made caramel corn pops.  I was first introduced to this delectable little treat by some cherished family members last Christmas.  Aunt Donna and Shannon are amazing cooks and bakers and party planners and, well…they’re just amazing at everything!  I had never even heard of corn pops, except for the cereal version.

They come in a bag like this…and look kind of like packing peanuts…

image          image

The the recipe is on the bag and couldn’t be simpler. It’s basically a simple caramel made of butter, brown sugar and light corn syrup. It gets cooked together over medium heat for 2 minutes after the butter is melted and everything is incorporated.


The next step is basically a science experiment.  A tsp of baking soda is added and the whole concoction foams up…


Once it’s poured over the corn pops in the roasting pan, it goes into a preheated 250* oven for 45 minutes.  I stirred it every 15 minutes and here’s the final result…


I just need to gather a few other snacks and drinks and the guys will be set!  I knew the kids would be jealous, so I also whipped up some pumpkin cupcakes and the most amazing brown sugar and cinnamon buttercream frosting I’ve ever had!


So good! Just a “normal” day at home!

30 Day Challenge update:  It’s only been five days, but I’m still on track with both my 64oz of water and 30 min of exercise each day.  Although, I did miss one day of exercise, but I have since made up the time. I think that still counts as being on track, don’t you?


About macfishreed

I'm a former country girl living in the suburbs with my four guys. I enjoy re-using, re-inventing and re-imagining just about anything!
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One Response to Back to normal

  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks Lisa, I would LOVE the buttercream recipe you mentioned…sounds delish! You are a fantastic cook / baker / project girl yourself! 🙂


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