Sweet Weekend

My sister has gone home.  Boo hoo!

Some of the highlights of weekend include time spent antiquing and thrifting – she got some great deals on a few brass pieces.  She also got to spend time watching the guys play soccer and witnessing the truly competitive spirit of all my guys- including my husband!  And, of course, we had some great food.  Take out aside, my favorites included…


…my favorite everything bagels from Tal Bagels in NYC.  I can’t properly express how much I enjoy eating these bagels! My favorite part is the big flecks of sea salt!  Yum!

My guys love the beautifully packaged contents from Leonidas – this amazing Belgian chocolatier.  Just look at this…


Full disclosure – I took a few samples out of the box for the picture that did not make it back in.  Belgian chocolate is so delicious, but Leonidas chocolates leave me speechless! (Because I can’t stop eating them!)

Lastly, we enjoyed some great tarts.  I wrote last week about the pate brisee pie crust a la Martha Stewart. Here is the final result…


This one had blueberries and raspberries, but needed another tablespoon of sugar.


The apple tart was my favorite. Loved it!

Overall, a delightful and delicious weekend!


About macfishreed

I'm a former country girl living in the suburbs with my four guys. I enjoy re-using, re-inventing and re-imagining just about anything!
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