Gorilla Glue – the duct tape of our time

Today I started working on the frame project I mentioned last week in my “speed bump” post.  I have to admit that while I’ve been looking forward to having it finished, I haven’t been looking forward to the doing part.  In case you don’t recall, it was kind of a mess. See below…



I’ve decided it’s going to be an idea (bulletin) board for the office, a decision that was more difficult to arrive at than I thought it should be.  The problem I often have when it comes to projects is the inability to come to a decision. I’m so worried I’ll make the wrong choice that I often make no choice, which is not any better.  So on this leg of the journey I’m going to be “Queen Decision Maker.”  How’s that for a statement!

Anyway, I started by cleaning up the pieces a bit. It was pretty filthy.  Then, I set to work removing all the staples.  Of course, it took me forever to dig around the garage to find some pliers.  Which brings me to my next decision – I plan to put together a set of tools just for me, so that I always have what I need!

Here’s the pile of staples I took out…


And the name plate.  The picture that once occupied this frame was entitled “Sunset Glow”.  Sounds pretty, right?


The last part of the project I tackled today was the repair job.  I broke out the Gorilla Glue wood glue, filled in the joints and reattached the broken side.


I may have said a little prayer as well; because, while gorilla glue is a miraculous product, I’m not convinced that this is the last of the repairs for this frame. I’m going to give it 24 hrs to dry before I even attempt to check it. (I’m sure my mom would be impressed with my use of the flip flops to keep the glue from touching the floor.)

Check back tomorrow to find out if gorilla glue really is as versatile as duct tape.  (Maybe I should just put a little duct tape on there for good measure !)



About macfishreed

I'm a former country girl living in the suburbs with my four guys. I enjoy re-using, re-inventing and re-imagining just about anything!
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